“Professor Sasi has uninhibited talent to see the best in people around him. He is a catalyst who directs attention to your unused talents, potentialities and creativities. Sasi welcomes you to engage your own ability and awareness to live a a fuller and richer life.”
--Dr. Larry Payne, Ph.D., Director, Samata Yoga Center

“There are many who say they can deliver accurate predictions. This man actually produces results. Sasi’s predictions and revelations have unfolded right before my eyes.” --Dr. Jeff Duncan, Ph.D., Consultant

“To meet Sasi is a joy. He is natural, simple, direct and yet somehow so gentle that his words and tone belie the deepest teaching that one feels for days afterwards. Sasi heals as he teaches.” --Dr. Theodore Goldman, Ph.D.


7th Generation

Indian Psychic Palmist

Empowerment Consultant • Life Coach • Meditation Teacher

Phone: 310-397-2405 / 310-842-6087

Los Angeles, California, USA

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Professor Sasi with H.H. the Dalai Lama at a Peace Conference

Professor Sasi in India with his father and mentor,
Psychic Palmist/Spiritual Teacher Professor Padmanabha Velupillai

Professor Sasi, Psychic Palmist of india Psychic Palmistry

"We all have a purpose in life...mine is to touch people's lives
through palmistry and the ancient Indian healing arts.
My gift is to give them clues to their potentialities, limitations,
talents, abilities and skills, so that they are in a better position
to handle life. Once they learn how to remove their physical,
mental and spiritual 'blocks,' life becomes
a celebration of manifestations."
- Professor Sasi, Indian Psychic

7th-Generation Indian Psychic Palmist
Empowerment Consultant • Life Coach • Meditation Teacher

Los Angeles, California • Kerala, India
Tel: 310-397-2405 / 310-842-6087

email: officeofprofessorsasi@gmail.com

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Professor Sasi in India with H.H. Sri Sathya Sai Baba, revered Spiritual Guru

Professor Sasi with palmistry clients, famed illusionists
Siegfried & Roy in Las Vegas, Nevada