All people, animals, things and places hold energy. Through focused prayer and positive intentions we can shift the energies within us and around us. In India, blessing ceremonies are typically performed not only for people and animals but also for places, in order to clear old, unwanted energies and to create new, light and positive vibrations within the environment.

Professor Sasi is pleased to perform Vedic Blessings for your home or office in the traditional Indian manner. This ceremony involves several rituals such as:
• Chanting ancient Sanskrit prayers for happiness, health, new beginnings, positive energies, the release of negative energies or conditions
• Traditional procedures using water, flowers and sacred ash (vibhuti)
• Burning incense
• Installation of the Sri Chakra- a sacred geometrical device for good luck and prosperity
• Installation of a Tantric Talisman to bring in favorable vibrations and protection to the space
• Clearing unwanted energies in the space & replacing with new, positive vibrations
• Recommending any energetic or physical changes to be made

Professor Sasi performs these House/Office Blessings regularly for individuals and businesses.

Professor Sasi teaching a workshop on "Palmistry & Personal Growth" in Sweden at the Waxtuset Health Center of Dr. Lena-Kristina Tuulse

Olympic Figureskating Champion Surya Bonaly works with
Professor Sasi in meditation and focusing


The importance of developing and nurturing the mind-body-spirit connection has long been understood in many eastern traditions. Meditation serves as one very powerful way to create this inner harmony. Professor Sasi is pleased to offer private meditation instruction, allowing participants to increase their inner awareness and consistently create more peace and balance, despite an often hectic modern lifestyle.

From a long lineage of spiritual teachers spanning many generations, Professor Sasi learned the skills and benefits of a daily meditation practice as a young boy growing up in South India, alongside his father, a revered teacher and meditation master. Today Professor Sasi continues the methods and wisdom imparted to him by his father, traveling to many countries and sharing the ancient meditation skills with people of different faiths and backgrounds.

Professor Sasi presents private meditation classes in a “user-friendly” style so that all may come to know meditation as a comfortable, appealing and accessible process.During the sessions, Professor Sasi explains the techniques and benefits of meditation and then leads participants in various types of meditation, such as guided meditation, third-eye meditation, mantra meditation, and creative visualization. Gently Professor Sasi guides participants to open their own inner awareness abilities and discover which path of meditation is most accessible and appropriate.

No experience with meditation is necessary--beginners and all levels of meditators are welcome. Classes are both instructional and experiential, and participants leave feeling more relaxed and peaceful.

Some of the benefits of meditation include:
• Creating a profound sense of inner peace and tranquility
• Improving one's health, vitality and wellbeing
• Attaining higher spiritual awareness
• Unleashing manifestation powers
• Awakening psychic/intuitive abilities
• Dissolving stress, tension and other negative emotions
• Creating a powerful, positive force field, which helps one remain balanced, centered and happy

Meditation may become an integral part of one's daily routine. These classes offer a rare opportunity for participants to learn meditation with Professor Sasi of India, who serves as an instrumental guide for developing a consistent practice and achieving the numerous benefits of meditation.


Sanskrit mantras are mystical arrangements of sacred sounds that were originally discovered by sages while deep in meditation. Mantras were recorded thousands of years ago in the vedas, India’s oldest and most revered spiritual texts.

Mantras have the ability to move energies, creating profound change within the practitioner and the environment at large. The word “mantra” means “that which saves you when meditated upon.”  For thousands of years in India, people on a conscious spiritual path have chanted mantras in order to create positive conditions both inwardly and outwardly.

Psychic Palmist of India Professor Sasi Velupillai offers a comprehensive program in Sanskrit mantras in which students learn how to chant and apply these ancient sounds in a thorough and practical manner. Professor Sasi personally initiates each student into the mantras in traditional vedic initiation ceremonies. The goal of the classes is for students to use the mantras to enhance their spiritual growth and increase the flow of positive energy, becoming empowered to manifest their dreams and goals. Many of the methods taught in the curriculum have never been shared outside of India until now.

Working with Sanskrit mantras ultimately provides expansion and growth, creating a deep inner awareness of who we are as spiritual beings, why we are here, and how we may best live our paths.

Mantras have typically been passed down in India only among priests through special initiation ceremonies because the material was considered highly sacred. Today mantras are being shared discreetly by Psychic Palmist of India Professor Sasi Velupillai who teaches and initiates according to traditional vedic methods through his work with the Vedic Healing Institute. 

For more information on the Mantra Class Curriculum, please visit Professor Sasi's other website:

Professor Sasi meditating on the beaches
of Kerala, South India

"Om is the primordial sound of creation, the essence of all. Simply chanting the Om vibration calls forth a tremendous inner peace that can permeate all aspects of one's being and surrounding environment." - Professor Sasi

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