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"Chakra" comes from the ancient Sanskrit word meaning "wheel of light" or "wheel of energy."  Each person has thousands of chakras in the energetic field of the body, with the 7 main chakras being of particular interest as they influence all aspects of our lives and run through our energy channels (nadis or meridians).  Working with the chakras can balance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, thereby bringing balance, empowerment, peace, and harmony to our lives on many levels. 

Professor Sasi is proud to offer "Vedic Chakra Balancing Healing Sessions" in which he helps individuals clear and balance the chakras through ancient vedic methods.  In these sessions he uses vedic meditation techniques, Sanskrit mantras or sacred sound vibrations, and Sacred symbols called yantras.   During the process, the chakras become awakened, balanced and activated.  Clients are also given techniques to use at home in order for them to understand and further work with their chakras on an ongoing basis.

YANTRUM - Tantric Talisman of India

The Yantrum/Tantric Talisman of India is one of the most ancient, mystical and intricate spiritual tools which has been worn from time immemorial in order to both move energies and protect the recipient.

Professor Sasi has been trained in the ancient craft of creating personalized Tantric Talisman to help individuals achieve love, prosperity, better health, spiritual endeavors, and other goals.

Each Talisman is first handmade in India as a cylinder of either 22kt gold, a combination of five metals, or in sterling silver. Professor Sasi then meditates upon the recipient’s specific needs and desires, energizing the Talisman by reciting ancient mantras and blessings and by engraving powerful prayers and yantras (sacred geometry) on a small silver scroll. The scroll is placed within the cylinder along with blessed ash from a healing temple in India, then sealed closed, and given to the recipient to be worn as a pendant, carried, or placed at home in a special place.

The Tantric Talisman magnetizes to the recipient the graces needed to help fulfill Divine Will and bring happiness and empowerment on many levels.

A special gift for yourself or for loved ones, the Tantric Talisman is not only unique in the West but also somewhat rare in India, where today few individuals are still trained in the knowledge and ancient craft of creating the Talisman. Professor Sasi brings to the West the Tantric Talisman which is capable of bringing profound positive energies to any person or situation.


Vedic Puja Ceremonies are sacred prayer rituals that are performed at healing temples, in homes or businesses by spiritual teachers who have been trained in the art and craft of puja worship. The word "puja" means "to purify the mind and attract virtuous, positive qualities while simultaneously removing ill or negative effects." Professor Sasi performs puja ceremonies for individuals and groups, according to their particular needs and desires.

During a puja, Sanskrit prayers and mantras are recited as offerings are made with flowers, water, incense, fire and other aspects of Nature in an elaborate ceremony. The recipient’s name is also chanted along with the prayers in order to invoke positive energies and help clear negative conditions.

Pujas have the ability to help dissolve problems while bringing blessings and positive energies to someone’s life. Professor Sasi is happy to offer these special puja ceremonies in the ancient vedic tradition.


“I requested a puja from Professor Sasi regarding my career, without really knowing what the results might be. I am thrilled to say that within a short amount of time I was able to manifest a new job which fulfilled all the conditions I had dreamed of. I attribute this good fortune to the puja and am very grateful for Professor Sasi’s help in arranging these special ceremonies for me.” --J. Lewis , Pasadena, CA

“I have been looking for my “soulmate” for some years now and had almost given up hope. I heard about Professor Sasi’s wonderful work and requested from him a puja in the area of relationships. I am so happy to say that I met a wonderful man who has become my very dear spiritual and intellectual partner for life. I cannot express enough my thanks to Professor Sasi for helping me find my soulmate.” --A. Marshall, NY, NY


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Practitioners gather for a puja prayer ceremony led by Professor Sasi

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“Peace comes not from the absence of conflicts in our lives,
but from our ability to cope with them.  
Meditation helps us access this inner peace.”

--Professor Sasi Velupillai


with Professor Sasi of India

Meditation has long been viewed as an intricate and difficult practice; however meditation is a procedure which may be easily done by anyone anywhere in the world.  Over time and with dedication the practitioner becomes adept at meditating.

For thousands of years in India, people have been doing various types of “vedic meditation,” based on the vedas, India’s spiritual books.  The benefits of vedic meditation are numerous.  Greater health, peacefulness, increased intuition, and even a keener mind are all some of the results of a meditation practice.  The ultimate goal of vedic meditation is to achieve a sense of inner peace and wellbeing that will carry over into our daily lives, making us happier and stronger individuals able to manifest what we need and desire and to celebrate our lives.   

As a young boy growing up in South India, Professor Sasi learned the skills and benefits of a daily meditation practice alongside his father who was a highly revered spiritual teacher and meditation master.  Today Professor Sasi carries on the practice and wisdom imparted to him by his father, traveling abroad and sharing the ancient knowledge of meditation with people of different faiths and backgrounds. Professor Sasi presents meditation in a “user-friendly” style so that all may come to know meditation as a comfortable, accessible process that opens their own inner awareness, creating many blessings in life.

Many people choose to have regular meditation instruction with Professor Sasi in order to develop and/or strengthen their practice, to answer questions, and to learn different techniques. 

Meditation Techniques explored in Professor Sasi’s Classes include:

Mantra Meditation - working with varied sacred Sanskrit sounds
Om Meditation - using the primordial sound of creation
Ujayee Meditation - using sound and breath together

Pranayama Meditation - working with the breath
Yoga Nidra Meditation – working with relaxing the body
Creative Visualization Meditation - using the mind to consciously create
3rd Eye Meditation - using the 3rd eye (intuitive center) energy
Sri Yantra Meditation - working with sacred geometric symbols