Professor Sasi in India with his father and mentor Esteemed Psychic Palmist/ Spiritual Teacher Professor Padmanabha Velupillai

An individual's palm prints form a blueprint for his/her life, indicating talents, health tendencies, career possibilities, love interests, obstacles, and the spiritual potential for that soul. In general the left hand reflects the past and the general plan for one's life, and the right hand reflects the present and possible future tendencies.

This blueprint may be thought of as simply a basic guide or map, with the lines on the hand changing as a person moves forward in life and makes decisions. The role of the psychic palmist is to shed light on the blueprint, motivating the client to manifest his or her highest and brightest potential.

Professor Sasi teaching students palmistry principles on the beaches of Kerala, South India


Professor Sasi reading the palm of famed Illusionist Siegfried
of "Siegfried & Roy" in Las Vegas, Nevada

Palmistry is an intricate, fascinating science which has been practiced for thousands of years in India by gifted spiritual teachers who are considered motivational catalysts and respected guides. Originally recorded on palm-leaf scrolls in the vedas, India's spiritual texts, palmistry was regarded as a tool for transformation, empowerment and insight.

Psychic Palmistry expands upon the foundations of palmistry by encouraging the practitioner to utilize his/her psychic and intuitive faculties in addition to the fundamental information about palmistry.

Psychic Palmistry may be divided into four distinct areas, namely the science, art, craft and philosophy of palmistry. Each branch may be described as follows:

• In the Science of palmistry, the palmist analyzes the lines, mounts, energies and shape of the hands and fingers;

• With the Art of palmistry, the palmist interprets and explains information to the client;

• The Craft of palmistry involves the palmist translating the information in a way that empowers and motivates the client; and

• The Philosophy of palmistry entails the palmist remaining true to a mission of uplifting and counseling a client in a positive manner

Although much of the basic information may be taught, the intuitive and psychic aspects of palmistry are indeed a gift, based upon what is believed to be many lifetimes of previous spiritual work by the palmist.  Professor Sasi is a 7th-generation Psychic Palmist and Motivational Counselor from India who expands on his family's legacy in the psychic palmistry and the healing arts. paragraph here.

"Etched in your palms are clues to your character, goals and destiny. Once you understand these messages, you can fulfill your potential for a richer and fuller life through empowerment."

--Professor Sasi Velupillai,

7th Generation Psychic Palmist of India


In these sessions, Professor Sasi offers invaluable information about who you are, your path in life and the best way to utilize your gifts. Professor Sasi reads your palm, analyzing its lines, mounts, energies and vibrations. He psychically tunes in to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual faculties to help you understand your strengths, talents and purpose in life. Through gentle and insightful counseling, Professor Sasi encourages you to “tap” your own personal power in order to increase the universal flow of positive energies. Professor Sasi answers your questions and imparts blessings in the Indian tradition by reciting Sanskrit mantras for your present and future well-being.

Professor Sasi has been described as a gifted motivational force. By guiding people to increase their personal awareness, self-confidence and manifestation abilities, he has inspired many individuals worldwide to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

Note: Palmistry sessions may be done in-person or via phone (with palm prints scanned and emailed to Professor Sasi in advance).

PSYCHIC PALMISTRY/EMPOWERMENT SESSIONS with Professor Sasi, Indian Psychic palmist

Refund Policy:

No refunds are offered on services rendered.  However Professor Sasi is happy to offer a brief follow-up consultation by telephone within 3 days of original service if client has additional questions or feels incomplete with the service in any way.


“Professor Sasi came into my life several months ago. He touched me with his special, sacred gift. He is an educator of mental and spiritual awareness who has heightened my passion for life.”       --Connie Allred, President, American Colon Therapy Association

“Professor Sasi is opening cages--giving people wings of self-knowledge through reading their palms.”       --Hinduism Today (magazine)

“Not only does Professor Sasi touch the hand, he also touches the heart.”

--Mike Denton, Businessman


7th Generation

Indian Psychic Palmist

Empowerment Consultant • Life Coach • Meditation Teacher

Phone: 310-397-2405 / 310-842-6087

Los Angeles, California, USA


Legal Disclaimer & Terms of Service:
Psychic Palmistry consultations are not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment, and no medical claims are made regarding psychic palmistry consultations.  Professor Sasi does not diagnose conditions, perform medical treatment, prescribe substances or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.  Psychic palmistry is offered only as a complement to any other treatments.  People with serious conditions should consult their doctor.

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