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Rancho La Puerta Spa, Tecate, Mexico
Norwich Inn & Spa, Norwich, Ct, United States
La Costa Spa & Tennis Resort, La Costa, Ca, United States
Waxthuset Health Center, Sweden
Samata Health Center, Los Angeles, Ca, United States
Glen Ivy Hot Springs, Glen Ivy, Ca, United States
Livs University & Health Spa, Roslagan, Sweden
Claremont Spa, Oakland, Ca, United States
Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Hawaii
Somatheeram Ayurvedic Spa, India
Kyoto Rejuvenation Clinic, Japan
Dr. Kimura Yoga & Rejuvenation Clinic, Kyoto, Japan
Hanalei Bay Health Retreat, Hawaii


7th Generation

Indian Psychic Palmist

Empowerment Consultant • Life Coach • Meditation Teacher

Phone: 310-397-2405 / 310-842-6087

Los Angeles, California, USA

Professor Sasi's work is a popular, featured amenity at spas, hotels, yoga centers, and health resorts worldwide.  Below is a detailed description of the programs he offers.


Wellness Amenity Programs offer spa and hotel guests rejuvenation and healing through the ancient mind-body-spirit techniques from India. Professor Sasi’s work has been featured at international spas and hotels where thousands of guests have enjoyed and benefited from his special teachings.

Services with Professor Sasi include:

• Meditation / Stress Reduction Classes

• Motivational Lectures

• Empowerment Counseling for Personal Growth

• Mind-Body-Spirit Seminars


Professor Sasi offers meditation/stress reduction classes which allow participants to increase their inner awareness and learn how to consistently create more peace and balance, despite the hectic modern lifestyle. Meditation is presented in a “user-friendly” style so that all may come to know meditation as a comfortable, appealing and accessible process.

During these classes, Professor Sasi explains the techniques and benefits of meditation and then leads the participants in various techniques such as:
• Guided meditation;
• Third-eye meditation;
• Mantra meditation;
• Om meditation;
• Yoga Nidra meditation; and
• Creative visualization..among other techniques.

Meditation instruction with Professor Sasi offers individuals a rare opportunity to learn meditation with a master teacher/practitioner, who serves as an instrumental guide for developing a meditation routine and achieving meditation's numerous benefits. Meditation classes with Professor Sasi are offered both in group settings or as individual sessions.


Motivational Lectures with Professor Sasi provide fascinating introductions to a variety of metaphysical topics concerning the mind-body-spirit connection. As a worldwide traveler, teacher, and motivational counselor, Professor Sasi is able to provide a unique perspective on how to create inner balance. Steeped in Indian spiritual philosophies, Professor Sasi considers himself a global citizen, which gives him the unique ability to translate mystical teachings into practical applications for everyday living. His style is gentle, humorous and engaging as he invites participants to examine their inner-connectedness while finding ways to bring fuller meaning, greater joy and peace to their lives.

Popular lecture topics have included:
“Successful Living: Key Principles for Achieving a Happy & Healthy Life“
“Be-Do-Have: How to use your Inner Resources to Create Outer Harmony"
"Creating Harmonious Relationships"
“Eastern Motivational Techniques for Positive Living”
“Palmistry as a Tool for Personal Empowerment & Spiritual Growth”

All lectures are followed by a brief guided meditation/relaxation demonstration, along with a question & answer period.

Professor Sasi works with Famed Illusionists Siegfried & Roy
in Las Vegas


Empowerment / Intuitive Counseling with Professor Sasi offers invaluable information about who you are, your path in life and the best way to utilize your gifts.

During a session, Professor Sasi uses your palm as a guide to discern your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual faculties. Analyzing the palm's lines, mounts, energies and vibrations, Professor Sasi psychically tunes in to your being, helping you understand your strengths, talents and purpose in life. Through gentle and insightful counseling, Professor Sasi encourages you to “tap” your own personal power in order to increase the universal flow of positive energies and manifest your highest potential. Professor Sasi answers your questions and then imparts Sanskrit blessings in the Indian tradition for your present and future wellbeing.

Described as a gifted motivational force, Professor Sasi guides people to increase their personal awareness, self-confidence and manifestation abilities, inspiring many individuals worldwide to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.


The Mind-Body-Spirit Course Series involves classes which deal with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing utilizing ancient Indian practices which have been time-tested for thousands of years. Participants explore such topics and methods such as:

• Breathing techniques (called "Pranayama" in Sanskrit) for wellbeing and health;

• Creative visualization to help participants learn how to co-create with the Divine;

• Sanskrit mantras or sacred sound vibrations which accelerate spiritual growth and help clear negative energies in one's life;

• Gentle yogic movement which shows participants simple movements for longterm health and wellbeing;

• Self-healing meditation methods.

From a multitude of time-tested, ancient teachings, Professor Sasi has taken the most important and effective practices and streamlined them so that anyone can incorporate this ancient wisdom and derive great benefit in today's modern world.